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Extreme hopelessness is turning into extreme helpfulness

We are starting to see more and more older kids taking care of their younger siblings or grandparents. For these kids their parents are not in the picture, and so they have stepped into the Caretaker role.

Many of the kids that have been connected to LHNC for the past 12 years are caretakers and view reality differently. It is so amazing to see and hear these kids take the next step to encourage themselves and everyone who looks up to them to reach above and beyond what they think they can do. They point out possibilities that the others didn’t know they had.

They have moved from a very limited future to a much brighter future. There is a new spirit on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond; it’s a spirit of hope. It’s a spirit of cooperation. Their spirits are intertwined and they know that together, each and every kid matters, both locally and globally.

When someone is presented with an opportunity, they more often than not self-fulfill their prophecy for greatness. For example, we built a brand-new hockey/soccer rink this summer. Imagine if a college or professional athlete comes from it? Imagine the ambassadors they will be for other Native Americans? Imagine them telling their stories and passing along the “it takes a village” mentality? These kids are taking ownership of the opportunities that have been provided for them.

The local tribal jail has been receiving lots of attention from LHNC. They have received hundreds of treatments from Chiropractic and Naturopathic doctors and from Life Coaches and Massage specialists. They have also been treated to two twilight outdoor Johnny Cash style concerts performed by Don’t Quit Your Day Job. They also have received CarHart coats, boots and gloves for winter work-release programs.

Groups like LHNC, HPDP, and the Tribal Council, along with individuals like Kenny Smoker, help encourage the kids to want more out of life. The ripple effect is global. On the reservation you can see the statistics on health increase, while negative things decrease. Kids are standing up for what’s right and saying no to what’s wrong.

‘The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love”

- from a Course in Miracles

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