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A life lesson for anyone’s child:

We hear so much today about children being listless, lacking in energy and excitement. It’s not their fault. They will not find purpose and meaning in their lives gazing at a computer screen and regurgitating facts that society wants them to know. And yet they perform these tasks for up to 16-hours a day! Yikes!

In today’s society, kids are forced to take responsibility for far too much information. We are treating them like computers and acting like they’re able to store this information on a limitless hard drive. Truth is, information overload is so very present here. They are overwhelmed and it drains their energy and their spirit.

Want to give a life lesson they will never forget?

Open up a dialogue with a child about how Love Has No Color helps kids on the reservation in Montana. Read to your kids, let them ask questions, show them videos and pictures of all the ways LHNC helps kids that are less fortunate.

Then have each kid reach out to at least 5 other kids and collect new toys, coats, gloves, or boots.

For 12 years we have been spreading joy at the holiday season for kids that live in third world conditions. Have your child, or a child you know, become involved. Once they see the connection, they will be able to look past the self and towards the greater good.

This type of life lesson is not found in schools and can only be experienced by DOING.

The holiday season is often called “the season of giving”; what better way to bring this to life than by getting in on the giftraising itself?

If more kids became involved at an early age of helping other kids, the world would have a lot less problems.

Humanitarian spirit, compassion, love, and tolerance is what prevents wars. It creates social consciousness that chooses not to hurt others, not to pollute, not to abuse others.

Plant these seeds early and see for yourself the great fruit it produces!

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