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Dec 14th & 15th:

As you walk down the school corridors, there are echoes of giggling and there are children pointing and smiling. You can feel anticipation peaking once the kids see that the LHNC group is back, and ready to give out this year’s Christmas gifts.

We're told that the attendance for this event is the higher than any day of the year. That's because the kids know that Santa’s helpers will be there to play, hand out incredible gifts, and kick off the holiday season.

For 12 years and counting, LHNC has been making kids' dreams come true on the Fort Peck Reservation (one year on Spirit Lake Reservation in ND). Christmas on the Reservation brings out some of the toothiest smiles known to mankind. It truly is so amazing to see the pure joy felt when these kids are recognized and celebrated.

Unbeknown to most of the kids and teachers, this is a year long fundraising, gift-raising journey that adults and kids off the reservation really get into! There is a question about who has more fun- Santa’s helpers or the kids?!

Now that there is a brand new skating rink (next to the Movie Theater/Chiropractic Clinic), it will be flooded soon for ice hockey for anyone with skates! There is also a PA system that will find it’s way to Northside High School. Our good friends at Guitar Center gave a generous gift card that was used to purchase the PA system.

There was a vicious rumor that the PA system was to be used for the infamous band Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Not true!

Any individual or group that can help us with gifts or donations please contact us. If you want to take it to the next level and actually travel to the reservation, please DO!! Any questions you can call your LHNC hotline and you will get live, knowledgeable Elves borrowed from Santa himself.

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