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A cure for anything that ails you!

Every year during our Christmas on the Reservation gift-raising drive, we hear all kinds of wonderful stories from parents and children about how children’ s spirits have been brightened and lifted. The songs they sing and the colorful thank you cards they make are just a few of the ways they express their gratitude. We also hear about how the lives of people involved with LHNC change. Just last week, we were flooded with messages and stories on Facebook. We thank you for sharing.

A thread that binds us all together is the human condition. Some key characteristics we all share are being born and having relationships. Many of us will go on to have children, jobs, illness, financial challenges, etc.

Conflict and suffering are inherent in all of these relationships.

The emails and letters we receive explain in detail how so many kids' lives have changed for the better from these events. As if that isn't enough, we also hear from the people who make Christmas possible on the reservation. This exchange just further shows us how interconnected we all are.

How cool is that!?

A few years back, a successful young DC had a life threatening health challenge. His life circumstances changed in a moment. He was on a mission. During the gift-drive, his office collected 10x what they ordinarily were able to. He then took it to the next level by going to the reservation; taking with him his wife and two kids.

He confided in me that he was going to skip that year’s Christmas on the Reservation because of his extenuating circumstances. Then, he made a different choice!

Win, lose or draw, he was going to do his best for the kids on the Reservation. There was an urgency to his life and helping these kids.

His wife noticed the change in his optimism and hope that Christmas season. In fact, his whole family noticed. He said it was the greatest Christmas ever.

He is not out of the woods yet, however he is alive and values every day he has. Even though his outlook is uncertain, he serves all people with everything he has and then some.

Let this inspiring story elevate you this Christmas season. Go above and beyond for these kids. Let this template of going above and beyond serve you wherever you go.

These kids matter and together we can accomplish anything!

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