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The True Meaning of Christmas

This letter is long overdue to you and your group. Many years ago, you came to the reservation and handed toys to all the kids in our school. I asked myself, “Why would a bunch of people from outside the reservation do such nice things for kids they don’t even know?” You made us feel so special and for once, school was actually fun. It was filled with no rules, just love. Your group even played basketball with us, sorry to say, but you guys aren’t very good at it. I still have the toy you gave me in its original box. It’s a remote control car.

I now know that you had no way of knowing that my mother had passed away only weeks before. When it happened, my whole life stopped. I didn’t care about Christmas or anything else for that matter. I thought my life was over. Now, looking back at it all, I realize that there was no way you knew, but at the time it felt like you did. I actually believed you were a part of Santa’s tribe. You looked directly into my eyes and said, “Things are going to get a lot better.” And you were right!


There is something about this time of year that makes you look around and really appreciate the things and people in your life. The children on the reservation have been put into a situation that they never asked to be in. Their whole lives, they have felt poor, undesirable, hopeless, and isolated. Christmas on the Reservation rewrites this narrative the moment that the kids see Santa’s Elves walk in wielding gifts and smiles. Through events like this, they feel recognized, loved, and worthy. They realize the potential of having bright futures.

Sometimes the kids on the reservation are referred to as “America’s forgotten children”. These kids and their families are descendants of outright genocide. They continue to struggle to bring their authentic identities to a society that has lost its moorings as well.

It’s incredible to see something as simple as giving a child a toy have lifetime profound effects on them. That in itself makes you want to return for Boot Camp and Christmas on the Reservation each year to continue to multiply the positive effects over and over. Why wouldn’t everybody want to get involved to help kids out of their current predicament? It takes such little effort to make a positive impact on the life of a child and they will always remember that.

LHNC is so very special. It is a group of like-minded people who work tirelessly to help others. The members of this group grow with the recipients in a way that few other organizations are able to do. Through things like Christmas on the Reservation, going to the movie theatre, receiving Chiropractic and Naturopathic care, Boot Camp, and playing on the hockey rink, the kids on the reservation feel the LHNC love and generosity all year ‘round.

The cutoff date for getting gifts on the UPS truck is Dec 4, 2017. If you aren’t able to raise gifts at this time, you can donate any amount in any name on our convenient CrowdRise page. Donations of any size are gladly accepted.

Be a part of making a new history for these kids.

With love and joining together, we can accomplish anything.

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