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More music equipment lands on Fort Peck

For many, learning to play music is an extra curricular "if we get around to it" type of thing. Instruments and the melodies they create have stood the test of time. They stand their ground to computers and video games, and have a proven profound impact on people, especially children.

Believe it or not, music therapy is used to help autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, developmental delay, depression, anxiety, brain injuries along with many other applications.

Over the past few years, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, amplifiers, and keyboards, have landed on the Fort Peck Reservation, courtesy of LHNC. This year, a beautiful snare drum, a computer driven soundboard, and PA system landed at the North Side High School and the Wolf Point High School

Through music, we are able to connect with something greater. Music also allows us to express ourselves. This is extremely important for anyone, especially at-risk kids, who may be holding onto an emotion or memory (good or bad). When a kid feels like they don’t fit in with their families, friends, school, etc, music can be a lifesaver. It can be the difference between life and death. At the very least, it can make the quality of all kids lives better.

Music is meant to be a part of all of our lives. When it is dismissed as an "elective" or an add-on, it serves to cripple or handicap the spirit of our kids. Musical exposure allows kids who are growing up in difficult circumstances, not only survive, but thrive.

If you have any new or used musical instruments you would like to donate to the reservation, call 1.800.525.3879 and we will make the arrangements with you.

Thank you!

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