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Reaching Unimaginable Peaks

Can an Olympian, doctor, professional musician, lawyer, teacher, nurse, etc come from the Fort Peck Reservation?

A small number of kids have already done so, and there are many more on their way. Even though the odds are stacked against these kids, they have others to look up to. These brave role models are leading the way, and refuse to surrender to the extreme hopelessness in their past.

Love Has No Color is not a charity in the typical sense of the word. It’s actually a movement. It is a partnership with the tribes on the Fort Peck Reservation to improve their circumstances.

Most of the programs offered by LHNC call for participation by the kids. In other words, the kids have to take ownership of the activity and make it their own.

The outdoor synthetic basketball court does not play the game for them. The outdoor street hockey and skating rink doesn’t either. The musical instruments have to be played and mastered to serve their purpose. They don’t play by themselves.

Too many well meaning groups attempt to do too much without asking the kids to become involved. Kids love being involved with things that are fun, but also enjoy doing things that serve a purpose. What kid doesn't love to be an A1 Helper?!

"Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you'll feed him for a lifetime". Love Has No Color teaches these kids how to hope, how to love, and how to succeed in the face of adversity. These lessons and traits will follow them throughout their lives.

So, who will be the next kid to beat the odds? What will they become? We're not sure yet, but through the continued support of our donors and volunteers, these kids have every opportunity to move forward.

LHNC was created to provide each and every one

of the kids with the opportunity to make this dream a reality.

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