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Why don’t more people help out Love Has No Color?

To the average person living in the US, Native Americans are almost invisible. Most people who live outside of reservations have little or no interaction with them. This entire group of people become ghosts of the past in most people’s minds.

Sadly, Native American's are not relevant to mainstream America. Some actually believe they still live as depicted in Dances with Wolves. Their genocide is not chronicled in our history books, and is simply not a part of Caucasian culture.

Love Has No Color is antithetical to other hand-out type of charity programs. It’s an actual partnership with an actual tribe. It’s a movement of like minded people who believe its time for the gifts of America’s First People to be heard from on and off the reservations. It’s giving kids the lift they need to move towards a life of health, prosperity and a brighter future.

There is a window in a child’s life where if they receive help and guidance, they tend to make great decisions later down the road. They will be able to adapt to almost any challenges. However, if the child does not receive help or have availability to role models, the inevitable downward spiral happens.

Living in 3rd world conditions is an effect, not a cause. In other words, these conditions just didn’t show up or materialize on their own. This is a chronic, deep wound that has not healed. It continues to fester in the present day.

Working to treat and better the effect is very inefficient, expensive, and the problem never goes away.

When you work on the cause, the effects will diminish. When Native Americans were forced to have their children taken away out of their homes and sent off to Boarding schools, their identity, their culture, language, and their sense of self was torn from them.

By demonstrating to these kids when they are younger that they are valuable, and that our nation needs their culture, their self value will grow and they will finally see that they matte. It makes all the difference.

It takes commitment from all of us to raise the next generation. Won’t you join us?

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