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Small but Mighty

There is a small, but mighty band of Chiropractors that are doing something about the 3rd world conditions on the Fort Peck Reservation. Patients from all over are sending new or gently used clothes, coats, boots, toys, etc., to help the kids. A chiropractor from VA raised over $1,000 selling hot dogs to her patients! Many people don’t know that these mini fundraisers happen all year ‘round. Sure we have the big ones, the Christmas on the Reservation and the Fun Days in the summer, but LHNC members and affiliates know that these people need and deserve help throughout the year, not just twice a year. These pictures are from a Chiropractic office in Medway, MA.

Chiropractors just seem to have a natural affinity for doing things that truly help people. After all, they don’t use drugs or surgery, and yet they help restore the health of kids and adults naturally.

Chiropractors and patients alike are teaming up in offices all around the country and Canada. They donate clothes, raise money, and donate a percentage of their own patient fees to LHNC. Together, they do it all; they do it for the greater good of those who live on the Reservation.

Social cause is so important today because of the connection it provides us with. It connects everyone on a global scale. Sadly, so many people outside the reservation are completely unaware of the dreadful conditions these kids and adults must endure on a daily basis. When they are made aware of what’s been going on for generations, they are more than willing to help out.

Native Americans, their culture, their way of life and everything else in between have been stripped and stashed away onto reservations. And yet, they are still here. They are still thriving. Their wisdom speaks a voice that connects us all regardless of skin color, religion, or where you live. LHNC works to help all aspects of their lives, and it is through donations and generosity that we are able to do so.

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