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Seeing Beyond Skin Color

Even though our country has its shortcomings, it’s a place where freedom is prized and people can rise above their ethnic heritage, skin color, religious beliefs, gender, etc. It’s a place where, theoretically, anybody can become successful and become part of society. Are there still exceptions to this rule? Are certain citizens afforded these rights under the Constitution and others that are barred?

Even in 2018, adults and children living on reservations in the US face overwhelming odds. It’s not just the lack of education, jobs, poverty, drugs, alcohol, teenagers at extreme risk, and crime; it’s also a lack of fundamental health care, life expectancy, clean drinking water, housing, etc.

During the time of ‘Christmas on the Reservation’ where each and every kid on the reservation gets a new gift for the holidays, a Chiropractor with 1 year old twins was surprised by the statistic that one year old twins born on the reservation have almost a 40 year difference in life expectancy as compared with twins born off the reservation!

How can this be?

Things that most reading this blog take for granted, such as heat in the winter, adequate nutritious food, adequate clothing in the winter, are truly not taken for granted on the reservation.

Some make do, others must endure.

It puts an overall anxiety, fear and worry over many that magnify the inequalities faced on the reservations.

There are no simple solutions and blaming various agencies that for decades has been doing the best they can do speaks only about the problem, and not about the solution.

LHNC is part of the solution that asks for partnership with the tribe, various agencies and groups, volunteers and donors who may not understand all of the layers of accumulated, generational poverty, but understand that they are part of the solution.

Instead of commenting on all the ‘bad’ things in the world, we invite you to become part of the solution.

Click or call us to donate and get involved!

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