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The Biggest Treasures You Will Find Will Be On Reservations, Like Fort Peck

They may not be super A-list celebrities or have millions of online followers, but Native American heritage is emerging in everything from athletics, professional sports, Olympic medal winners, art, theater, to our Nations armed forces.

It’s not just the people who have excelled in life; sure they have certainly beaten the odds and inspired many, but it’s even bigger than that…

It’s more about their values, their character, and the honor they bring into awareness for others to join them.

In every battle and war this country has faced, Native Americans have been there, ready to lay down their lives, even when they were being ousted from their native lands.

In athletics, there seems to be a tenacity, a competitive edge that comes from deep inside. They will fight for their tribe and their land. Which is why they are known to be the warriors.

Have you ever noticed that even famous or acclaimed Native Americans that they are, are exceedingly humble?

When it comes to the original keepers of the earth, they are the original guardians to protect this land. As it has been mentioned many times previously their voice has to be the voice for reason to at least slow down pollution and degradation of the earth all in the name of profit.

One of the distinctions of successful or popular Native Americans is they stay close to their principles or roots and continually promote better understanding of what it means to be Native American.

Another distinguishing factor is their ability to welcome friends that may or may not be Native American.

Very curious by nature, they welcome strangers and are always eager to help.

They may not say it outright, but they can size up people pretty quick due to their heritage and personal history of broken promises and empty words.

You might say they have little tolerance for braggers, someone full of themselves, promising to help them. They have been let down so many times. How would you feel if you constantly asked someone for help; someone whom is prideful of their work and how “amazing” of a helper they are, and they don’t show. They don’t care.

This is how they feel. Let down, broken and most have trust issues.

In spite of the horrific 3rd world conditions that they face, they have a dry sense of humor that lets you know that they know more than you think. They surprise people all the time with how much they know, and how sarcastic, funny, and kind they can be!

Even when they themselves are impoverished, they share what they have with others that are less fortunate. They are very generous in spite of their own circumstances. We have givers and we have takers in this world, and they are givers. They always offer a helping hand and put others before themselves.

There is a quiet dignity in their gait, in their hearts. They see brighter futures for not only their DNA lineage, but for all people.

For many supporters and donor of LHNC, this is your first interaction with Native Americans. Know that your help goes further than most other projects or charities.

All of our LHNC supporters volunteer their time, effort and monies to benefit kids that need help immediately.

Thank you for your continued help and love!

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