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We're buiding a brighter future, are you?

There are no easy answers for generations of a failed Indian policy and the genocide of a targeted group of people. Everyone thinks they know what needs to be done, when in truth, we really need to open our hearts to the kids and adults in these prisons without walls.

Cyber-bulling and people bashing via any social media has a serious lasting effect.

It has been documented time and time again about people taking their lives as a result of being ‘targeted’ on social media by a bully or group of people.

Now think of being a group of people that aren’t being targeted by a few small bullies, but everyone you meet wants to attack, bully you or even worse!

Each family of modern society that has a member that has been ‘targeted’ continues to ‘feel’ the effect of the injustice.

Multiply this times millions of Native Americans and you begin to get the severity, the atrocity of the circumstances these kids and adults live under. It’s been going on unnoticed for generations.

What else besides love and an open heart can help these kids? Money can’t replace what was stolen from them. Love connects us all, and will ultimately piece together a population that from the outside seems broken but from the inside is healing and will be stronger than ever.

It’s not a matter of owing or changing the past. We would rather recognize and help people in the present by honoring the past and not forgetting about it. The past, the struggles, the injustices are a way of forging a new, brighter future that will tackle the most difficult of modern struggles.

As the ‘targeted’ people of today or yesterday become liberated and welcomed, our country as well as the world at large becomes united in the care of all of its citizens.

Help us bring hope and love to the children and adults of the Fort Peck Reservation. Spread the word about our fundraiser and our mission. 45 days until we embark on our journey to Montana for boot camp, we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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