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Christmas..? In July?

671 pounds of school supplies are headed to the Fort Peck Reservation. We’ve spoken before in this blog about angels that seem to help LHNC at just the right time!

The Kids in Need Foundation, through the efforts of Dave Smith, has agreed to help the Fort Peck Reservation schools in a big way! Learn more about the Kids in Need Foundation here:

It all started with a simple poster...

"Hmmm, what’s this?" turned into immediate action in only 2 days. A simple poster in a massage therapist's office started the turn of events. Not only can you adorn your business with these posters, you can also post them on your social media.

Such a small thing can create such a big difference in the lives of these kids.

Putting up these posters in your place of business, shop, or office spreads the word about helping the kids and it also gives a direct way for caring people to ‘make it happen’.

This 501 (3) (c) recognized foundation helps a whole lot of schools by supplying classroom supplies. In addition to helping lots of inner city kids, rural areas, they are also on 3 Native American reservations now!

A giant shout out to Kids in Need Foundation for helping the kids on the reservation.

Our fundraising deadline is quickly approaching, 21 days to be exact! Who will step up and be the next angel to help this year's initiative?

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