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Aren't all children sacred gifts?

Wakanyeja is child in Lakota. It means ‘sacred gift’. Why are some kids considered a sacred gift and others are not?

A long time ago this country was founded on rights and principles that were created for all of its citizens. Time has taught us that only ‘certain’ types of people were entitled to these protections and rights, while others appear invisible and with much lesser rights and privileges…even if they are the original inhabitants of this country.

Most adults have a soft spot when it comes to kids. They want to see them grow up strong, healthy, and to share their gifts with the world. A lesser, though similar feeling when you see a puppy or a kitten.

Growing up on a reservation is growing up under a different set of rules. Less protection, less rights, less respect, less identity, and sadly much less opportunity.

Did you know the life expectancy of children on a reservation is up to thirty five years less than a non-reservation child? We wrote in a previous blog that one-year-old twins off and on the reservation have almost a forty-year life expectancy difference.

Even in the court systems, punishment is meted out ‘differently’ to Native Americans living on the reservation.

Love Has No Color is all about ‘evening the playing field’ for these children. These children need all of our help. They did not ask to be placed in these circumstances.

Our northern neighbors, Canada, have taken on the leadership role and has made forward steps in restitution and recognizing the harsh treatment of its aboriginal population.

If America took care of all of its children, like it is capable of, the rest of the world would notice. Including some countries that don’t see eye to eye with our economic and social policies.

Soon other countries would follow suit and make efforts to heal their deepest scars and come together.

Caring for Native American children is one giant step towards a healthier nation and world.

All children are Wakanyeja, regardless of their land of origin, skin color, religion, gender, and etc.

We are all one people.

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