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It's summer, are your kids over camp yet?

Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime for yourself or your family? A trip that’s more meaningful then Disney, Six Flags, or a summer camp? Look no further!

There’s very few places left in this country where your child (and yourself) will voluntarily surrender your cell phones, iPads, and computers and help a lot of kids.

If you’re wondering…no this isn’t a juvenile detention center or an outward bound type program.

We want you to join us in helping the kids of the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, MT.

You know the drill; your kids are getting restless and spend way too much time on their phones or computers. They are losing their passion and maybe even their zest for life. They’re bored and are becoming boring themselves and asking them to detach from their devices is a capital crime.

As a parent, you can see your kids slowly losing their MOJO and might be lacking face-to-face connection with others. How about taking a family adventure and help kids living in 3rd world conditions? Your kids will be helping kids of all ages on the Fort Peck Reservation for three full days!

For thirteen years and counting, this event has created purpose and meaning in adults as well as kids lives. Something magical happens when you have your family get involved. Some couples just bring themselves to recharge and others bring the whole family.

From an early age, we should instill in our kids the motivation to always be helping others who may be less fortunate then themselves. This lesson and compassion is an attribute they will carry the rest of their lives.

They will be kids with an overriding purpose in life and a joy to be around. They will help encourage and inspire others rather than belittle or bring them down.

Are you in?

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