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It's time to bring your A game

Our Fun Days have been described as Christmas in August by many. The summer version of Santa has his sleigh loaded with a geodescent growing dome greenhouse, lots of backpacks, and tons of high quality, non-perishable foods. Also in the sleigh are tee shirts, underwear, socks and travel sized soap, shampoo and deodorant for the kids.

This is the last full week of our fundraiser, it all ends Tuesday, July 31st. This will be the first greenhouse of its type on the reservation. A very historical first for them and us. It will be staffed by the kids as well as elders who will tend it together year round.

For those traveling to the reservation August 9-11th, bring your A game. What type of activity will you do with the kids?

Athletic, face painting, pony rides, dunk tank, sand art (it's not boring!) games of skill, sharing your story with the kids and asking them about theirs, etc.

Fundraising allows us to reach more and more kids each year.

Just having all you can eat meals at the event brings joy to the kids. It’s something they look forward to all year.

Having non-perishable foods for the families pantries is a gift that lasts for months.

Every kid starts the new school year with a fashionable backpack. 675 pounds of school supplies have already arrived at the reservation, thank you to our friends at the Kids in Need Foundation. These supplies will equip over 25 classrooms pre-K through 5th grade.

If you wish to donate or want to share this with your social media contacts

here is how you do it:

Just paste either of these links onto your Facebook/Instagram/blog and it will allow people to read our mission and donate directly.

If you have any questions on how to do this or need any help please contact us here at The New Renaissance! ( / 800-525-3879)

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