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Fun Day 2018 is almost here!

It’s just days away and the theme of this year Fun Days are: getting as many kids involved in the action as possible. Even though the event itself only lasts for a few days, the memories and friends made last a lifetime.

There is an invisible population sometimes referred to as the forgotten people who live on reservations in 3rd world conditions.

They endure suffering our country is very unaware of. It’s not just physical suffering, disease, poverty, and scarcity of food, it’s the loss of hope that gets passed down from generation to generation.

For 14 years and counting Love Has No Color has been partnering with the Fort Peck Tribes to reclaim the hope, health, and dignity of these kids.

Some elders on the reservation have commented about the Love Has No Color family being ‘role models’ for the kids. We all have had role models who shaped our lives and we are blessed for those LHNC volunteers that help us so we can continue to be that hope for the kids. We want to encourage them, care about them, make them feel special, and to inspire them to brighter futures.

We have grown a network of people who care deeply about the lives and welfare of these kids and will continue to do so for many, many years to come. We fundraise throughout the year: we have Christmas on the reservation (every kid receives a gift), we collect winter coats, boots, gloves, and hats. We send in special speakers from pro hockey players, who teach physical fitness and street hockey, to Miss America: Cara Mund. We have a full time Chiropractor, Dr. Megan Cartillar, seeing to the needs of the kids and adults, sends clothes and handmade items all year round, and she assists with food purchases to establish a food bank. We have built an ice skating rink, an outdoor synthetic basketball court in Poplar, and renovated the Poplar Movie Theater, which has become a safe place for kids to stay away from the influence of gangs.


We can't estimate the contributions these kids one day will make to not only the reservation but the rest of the nation or world, but we know it will be great.

Every time we step on the reservation, people are now aware of what is going on. In the early days, Love Has No Color was almost an unknown entity.

Today, it’s like a welcome home. The kind words from the kids, elders, teachers, parents, and grandparents is heartwarming to say the least.

We don't do it alone. This is a model for the rest of the world to be a part of, people of different walks of life, different religions, different backgrounds, all putting these aside to work together to help the kids.

Everyone brings their A game.

Fun Day planning is a 365 day operation. Many different groups must work in cooperation for this event to come together. School departments, school boards, teachers, Dr. Megan Cartillar, Tribal Council, HPDP, Kenny Smoker, law enforcement officials, correction center guards, Ron Jackson, and a whole lot more of volunteers make this event so special!

The greenhouse dome with be built as assembled and stand as a example of a new future in the growing of pesticide free and organic fruits and vegetables. This is the first of many of these greenhouses coming to the reservation.

The secret of LHNC donors, participants, volunteer is that we all receive as much as we give. The pictures, the friendships, the memories, and being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves gives us purpose and meaning in our lives.

If you want to have a bigger purpose and meaning in your life, help the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond!

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