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A newborn is making their way to Boot Camp!

He/she isn’t even been born yet. They’ll only be a few days old at Boot Camp. But that's not stopping this wee one from being introduced to hundreds of kids on the reservation. The mother is one of the strongest supporters of Love Has No Color and thought what a great way to introduce her first child to her ‘adopted’ family on the Fort Peck Reservation.

LHNC is not just about the fun, the pods, the bocce ball, the dunk tank, food, and the backpacks; it’s about the kids and the adults that make it happen. These are special kinds of people that recognize and notice kids at risk and choose to do something about it.

They are powerful enough not only to influence others, but regardless of the people who choose to help or donate, you can count on them to be there…even if they are delivering a baby a few days before our celebration of life and children.

How fitting.

It’s so easy to say that these kids on the reservation can wait, but in reality, they can’t. 3rd world conditions wait for nobody, and they don’t get better with time.

In traditional Sioux culture, there is an entity called ‘shirt wearers’. It’s an honor bestowed by Native Americans on their leaders. Our brother, Kenny Smoker is a shirt wearer. His brother Darryl Red Eagle was a shirt wearer. And this mother is indeed a shirt wearer in LHNC.

So many people advised her to wait for the following year, considering the age of her baby, and she looked at them in a kind way and said this is the path we (her husband to be) have chosen to follow.

She has told all of her practice members that we want to share our baby with all the kids that we have helped on the reservation. The bonds we have made over the years and the friendships established are priceless.

For years, she has never missed a Boot Camp or Christmas on the Reservation and this one coming up next week will be no exception.

We are all one people.

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