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A letter of gratitude from Dr. Kevin

For 14 years and counting, Love Has No Color has had one function: restore the hope, health, and dignity of the kids of the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond. It has been my honor and privilege of connecting all the right people. One of my daughters calls it my ‘labor of love’. Together, we made this dream come true.

The types of friendships I’ve experienced with LHNC just can’t be put into words. Co-founder, Dr. Ed Plentz put in more than 10 years of his life helping these kids. It was also a group of dedicated Chiropractors, that chose to take action and to get involved once they learned of the atrocities that were commonplace on the reservation.

I’m very proud of the fact that it was Chiropractors that got the ball rolling for LHNC and continue to make it stronger every year! These Chiropractors are like a group of Navy Seals, anything you ask of them is never too much.

They just get things done.

These kids have become their adopted kids. They have their patients get involved who in turn get their families, businesses, and communities a part of LHNC. It's more challenging to get behind kids that aren't blood or DNA related. Much harder.

Then there are the kids and adults we have met on the reservation:

The three amigos, as we like to call them, helped us restore the movie theater when they were just 13. It took us over seven years to complete that project. One of them, Phoenix, attends many of our Boot Camps still and even has a LHNC tattoo that she wears above her heart.

We have parents and teachers that come up to us and tell us stories about how LHNC has impacted the kids. These stories bring happy tears to our eyes knowing that what we do is making a huge difference for the kids on the reservation.

The tribal council members from Darryl Red Eagle to John Morales, current chairman Floyd Azure, many elders including Shep, Albert, Mike Todd, and many more not mentioned here, that have helped us.

The music director from Wolf Point High School, Lynne Monson, that generously equips the infamous band Don’t Quit Your Day Job, that entertains the kids and adults at Fun Day and at the corrections facility.

Speaking of the corrections facility in Poplar, Ron Jackson has graciously allowed LHNC to attend the juvenile and adult inmates for the past 3 years to put on an outdoor Johnny Cash type rock n roll show.

Lastly, here’s to the visionary of the Fort Peck Tribe, Kenny Smoker, Jr. Through his belief in our group and vision, and his endless devotion to the children of Fort Peck and beyond, the kids are on track to brighter futures. Meeting Kenny has been one of the highlights of my life. His never ending devotion and sage-like qualities are an inspiration to all.

This year promises to be our best year ever with the building of a Growing Dome Greenhouse attached to a school in Poplar. Backpacks for the kids and school supplies have already been shipped (675 pounds, thanks to the Kids in Need Foundation). We will be handing out over a ton of high quality, non-perishable food, kid’s t- shirts, socks, underwear, travel sized shampoo, soap, and deodorant.

See you there!

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