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You can't change the past...but what about the future?

Regardless of your knowledge of 3rd world conditions found on reservations today, we can all agree that no one should be subjected to them. They violate the rights we all have to a healthy life. The majority of people in this country may not be Native American (most European) via ancestry, doesn’t make this right.

It’s called genocide. This still rancid air still lingers over Auschwitz, demonstrating what was really going on during this time when no one would stand up in Germany to put an end to the atrocities.

Most people realize: you can’t change the past.

By allowing past atrocities to linger in present day it links people now to something that was not of their creation or idea. But since it stands today, it is now of our design.

By doing nothing, we allow this to continue.

There’s no difference in "I don’t know" or "I don’t care"…the wretchedness of genocide and oppression remain in effect. We are giving permission for travesties of humanity to remain with us today.

Technology and more information are impotent when we are allowing tragedies like this to happen. The solution comes from humanity not when the government decides it isn’t okay and tries to do something about it.

Throwing money at the problem signals the solution is not well grasped/in hand.

A complete solution may not be possible, but steps in the right direction will get the ball rolling.

We see today people coming together to take down Confederacy Civil War monuments of the past down. A symbolic piece of stone is one thing, thousands of people today living in squalor is quite another.

There are no quick fixes or easy solutions to this problem. Time will only prove to worsen this problem. The true solution resides in all US citizens to rally around America’s First People and give them a helping hand.

Asking the government to fairly treat the very people they aimed their genocide at is what Einstein said can’t be done.

People who created the problems can’t create the solution.

Remaining insensitive and asking what does helping these groups of people have to do with my life only extends the paradigm blindness and the problem worsens.

Taking a genuine interest and action in such a massive inhumane problem will take all of our best efforts, and then some.

LHNC is one small step anyone can participate in. There are so many levels of participation from donations to participating in our events throughout the year.

The positive changes we have witnessed in 14 years link all of those past, present, and future volunteers who would not stand by and do nothing.

It also gives permission to others to end oppression where they see it. Movements always start when a small number of people join together for the benefit of others.

By taking a stand, you make changes and demonstrate to your family that you can help others even if they don’t live in your community or aren’t blood related.

Please take that one step toward welcoming Native Americans back into the mainstream of American with all the rights, privileges, and opportunities other citizens enjoy.

Remember if you choose to contact us by phone, you will connect with a knowledgeable representative of LHNC. If you have something of large magnitude and want to speak to Dr. Kevin personally, that also can be arranged.

Let’s all do our part to help our Native American brothers and sisters.

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