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We can't wait

The tone of the email was inflammatory and angry. This mother was venting (more like ranting and raving) about living on the Fort Peck Reservation. She went on to say how difficult life was and that all the “Natives” were getting handouts while her family (non-Natives) wasn’t.

One of the most beautiful awakenings a human being can have is that we are all connected and share a common purpose or shared interest.

We see this in the wake of tragedy or adversity that people who are usually uncooperative will put their differences aside and come together. They join each other in unity for something bigger than self-gain.

For 14 years Love Has No Color has been helping kids of all colors, races, and nationalities on the Fort Peck Reservation. Every kid gets a gift at Christmas. All kids can use the synthetic basketball court in Poplar. All kids can watch movies and often times have a meal when movies are shown. All kids, as well as adults, can participate in the Fun Days in the summer and be treated to a carnival like atmosphere where backpacks are given out as well as food for everybody.

As a society, we have to be vigilant for all people whose civic and social rights are being violated. Protecting rights that have been taken also strengthen other’s rights who have not yet been taken.

This country was founded on equal rights for ALL of its citizens.

These inalienable rights are without a doubt being violated with Native Americans on the Fort Peck Reservation as well as all reservations.

It’s not about pointing fingers, calling out the government, or finding someone to blame. We can’t make other feel guilty about the horrific 3rd world conditions, what we can do is bring people together to make things better, today.

We have that capacity right now. We can’t wait.

This population has been in the teeth of genocide for hundreds of years. It’s their time to rise up and share with our country and the world their incredible gifts of wisdom and culture. This potential to do great as a human being, it’s in each and every one of us, regardless of the amount of pigment in our skin, our religious views or our beliefs.

We were handing out groceries in Frazier door to door when a man was doing work in his yard. He had ‘newer’ cars, ATV’s and dirt bikes, and kept his house in good order. When we came to his house, he said no thanks, give them to some of my neighbors who could use the help.

We are all one people and LHNC is helping reclaiming hope, health, and dignity just as fast as we can.

We need everybody to join in unity and see the bigger picture that benefits all of us!

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