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A thank you letter from Kenny Smoker

To the Wonderful People of Love Has No Color and those who donated to the Kids Fun Day,

What an exciting experience the children and families of the Fort Peck Reservation had!! It never seems that the previous visit can be outdone, but it happened again. You are an answered prayer. Thank You. We feel very blessed to receive the compassion, love, respect, and hugs from the people of Love Has No Color. The backpacks were great and the food given to the children fed them so they didn’t have to worry about where the next meal was coming from. Also, the fun games and interactions were great to see and be apart of. Introducing martial arts with the two unique individuals was a great idea.

The effort that was put into this event was remarkable, with a lot happening behind the scenes year-round! Dr. Kevin you are an outstanding person, there is no one that can do what you do. You have a good Dakota name that fits you!!!

Love Has No Color has great values. Our people see this repeatedly in all the visits of the past. You are still here. Your words are strong and true. You have taught by example and instruction and this is good for our children to see. Your group may be small, but it is the way it should be. Thank you for giving of yourselves, time and time again. We know you can go elsewhere but, for some reason, you travel to Fort Peck to spend time with our people and share your gift of love. Like I always share, the LHNC characteristics are of a true warrior: Wisdom, Bravery, Fortitude and Generosity. I am glad to have met all of you.

Your friend,

Kenny Smoker

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