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We know it's early...but..we're so excited!

On Thursday, December 13-14th, volunteers from Love Has No Color will be bringing the children gifts, warm clothing, and sporting goods. It's all a part of a unique celebration called: Christmas on the Reservation.

In our 14th year, it gives the kids a real sense of belonging, that they matter, and are loved by people outside of the reservation.

Make no mistake about it, these are high quality toys that any kid would love to receive. The majority (99%) of the different gifts are brand new. These kids have had enough hand me downs and government issue. These new toys and clothing create a new beginning for them.

When you enter the schools to distribute the gifts, there is a state of expectation. There's gittiness, nervous laughs and smiles, a hopefulness...they know exactly who we are and why we're there!

This is an event that their teachers, siblings, and parents have told them about! So many times these kids feel let down by promises that aren't kept.

We won’t let these kids down. They welcome us into their family.

But it isn't just about the gifts, it's about time spent with the kids. Kenny Smoker and HPDP coordinate all the logistics: wrapping, names, and more. The teachers tell us that being there for the kids brings happiness and hope into their lives!

They love to show off their new toys, play with you, and they give great hugs too!

Not only do we hand out gifts, we set up a free 'clinic' for famous basketball tournament we host. We give out Chiropractic and Naturopathic care for all the spectators, players, coaches, and referees.

You really get a chance to know people and they sure appreciate our efforts. Many of them tell us stories of how LHNC impacted their kids and came around at just the right time in their lives!

It’s still early, but if you or anyone can help us with this year’s Christmas on the Reservation, please contact us. The more help we receive, the more kids we can help.

(800) 525-3879 or, we'll be posting a link for our Crowdrise soon! Keep an eye out to start helping with fundraising.

Thank you.

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