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Keep the connections growing!

Launching our Christmas on the Reservation gift-raiser is one of the most anticipated events of the year! A common theme that has occurred in the last 14 years is that people, who participate in gift-raising or donating, always tell others and gets them involved. Almost like a paying it forward type of thing.

Strengthening the connection of all people to help disadvantaged or at risk kids is a priority of LHNC. There’s a feeling that is difficult to describe when you put your heart into something that truly benefits kids.

It really gives your life purpose and meaning. It goes above and beyond all the necessary responsibilities you have to perform on a daily basis.

With the popularity of social media, it’s refreshing to see constructive things happening among all the trolling, negativity, and drama. When you connect your social media contacts to Love Has No Color, it’s a simple, yet impactful thing you can do for the kids.

Some examples of the huge connections we’ve seen are:

Dozens of Chiropractic offices have posters, kiosks, pictures, and walls of their offices dedicated to Love Has No Color. As a result, all of their patients view the activities all year round and get other groups and organizations involved like churches, synagogues, businesses, private donors, wealthy donors, micro donors, kids, schools, and etc. There are thousands of pounds of clothes being delivered to the reservation year round.

A massage therapist from MA has a year round poster and chalkboard, pictures, and etc of all of LHNC activities throughout the year. One of her clients from Kids at Risk foundation spied her poster and donated almost 1,000 pounds of school supplies.

A gifted artist from NJ has been donating 10% of her online sales to LHNC for the last 5 years.

A tax assessor from New England recently posted a challenge on Facebook to crochet 50 winter hats for the kids and asked all of her contacts to do the same.

Chiropractors from throughout the US and Canada donate 5-10% of special pediatric cases in their offices to LHNC.

One of our builders from Idaho got a paint distributor to donate supplies that painted the hockey rink!

A Naturopath from the Great North has fundraisers and other activities year round. She also rents luxury buses to transport her patients to the reservation for events. Her record is bringing 40 patients!

A celebrity author quietly and anonymously donates some NY Knicks swag (see pictures on this web site)

A DC in VA has monthly events during the year to support Love Has No Color. Yard sales, hot dog sales, jewelry sales….you name it and she does it.

This year will undoubtedly be our largest year for the kids.

Tell 12 (or more!) people you know how to get involved with LHNC! Keep up the amazing work. 2 months and 2 days to go!

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