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It's time to take a stand

Some of the most gripping movies made in Hollywood were about conspiracy theories. From the FBI, CIA targets, cover ups, to people who were imprisoned but were innocent, Rubin Hurricane Carter, Lakota elder, activist Leonard Pellitier in Wounded Knee 2. The factor that attracts, like moths to a flame, is the haunting thought that we could be next. There is living population of people who are inconvenient reminders that this could happen again and is a clear and present danger.

Living in the land of the free, we can sometimes take these hard fought freedoms for granted. If we get careless, casual, or apathetic we can easily have these freedoms taken away. People today wouldn’t believe that children could be forcefully removed from their family homes and detained at an Indian Boarding School. At these schools they were subjected to having all their traditions, language, culture, and rituals stripped from them.

Nobody believes this could happen to them, especially in the digital age.

Caring for all of these kids on the Reservation links and protects them but also sends ripples outward to every child and adult that finds themself in a struggle against forces they feel they can’t overcome. It connects all of us: past, present, and future. It helps us realize our source of strength…being united.

Once the powers to be have spoken, it’s nearly impossible to undo the damage. We can’t all be so lucky and have a celebrity standing up for us and writing a song. Bob Dylan wrote one about the former middleweight boxing champion, Hurricane Carter, who rotted for 20 years in prison despite miles of evidence proving his innocence.

Indian activist, Leonard Pellitier, has evidence demonstrating his innocence but remains imprisoned for a crime many feel he didn’t commit. As always the societal, racial, political, and financial overtones take over this high profile case. There is a lot at stake when individual freedoms are routinely sacrificed for the state at the expense of truth.

In our beloved profession of Chiropractic, we see institutions of incredible wealth and power discourage and almost eliminate DCs from caring for kids. How could this be? There are severe economic sanctions that are handed out to doctors that cross that line. Some agencies attempt to restrict freedom of speech if you’re not speaking the language and message of the majority. Other agencies financially reward doctors for not caring for kids.

The third world conditions these children must endure has lasted hundreds of years. This is their time to emerge and reclaim their rightful place in our society.

Nobody believes this is happening, especially in the digital age!

Anyone who still believes in democracy and that all people should be treated equally has a responsibility to demonstrate those ideas.

Every child we help on the Reservation, each donor, each participant is a ray of light that goes out and signals that they’re recognizing America’s forgotten children. It’s time to end this grizzly era and usher in a new one. One that recognizes the importance and gifts these children have to share with all society.

The easiest thing people can do is bury their heads in the sand. They see something so disturbing, turn their head and think “it’s not my business…what profit will I gain from being kind to the oppressed?”

They’re dead wrong!

For 14 years Love Has No Color has been restoring hope, health, and dignity to the children that have been forgotten. Everyone who gets involved helps with the healing of not just our people but our planet.

Healthier people create a healthier planet. Allowing a part of you to be demonstrated to these kids does not ‘look the other way’ when it comes to pollution, crime, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse of all kinds to kids.

A kinder and more compassionate version of yourself is created when you show you care.

Get involved with Christmas on the Reservation and all of the LHNC activities!

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