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Let's make stronger generations

There are lots of doctrines and outdated scientific principles that are still in effect. That’s the thing about science, what seemed like a good idea at the time turns out to be driven by nothing more than beliefs that preserve the hierarchy; racially, socially, or for profit. The thinking of the superiority of one race over another, the weaker sex and of course all the undesirable traits eugenics championed in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

But that was back then, right?

As appalling as it is to point out that the year is 2018 and we still have a population that the US government declared war on and continue to enforce economic, educational, social sanctions against.

How can this be in the land of the free?

Kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and other Reservations didn’t ask for this. They don’t deserve to be placed in 3rd world conditions and to live a life of extreme hopelessness.

Every pundit of politics or business has thrown their hat in the ring with suggesting a solution that ‘sounds good’, but is only the latest futile attempt to invent simple solutions to complex problems.

There aren’t any!

Recently a billionaire visited a Reservation and issued a few paragraphs on social media about the “Indian Problem Solution”. What was this solution based on? What experience or training could this person have to help solve a problem that’s perplexed our country since its inception? Just throwing at money at problems doesn’t create solutions. Take a minute to think of all the armed conflicts going back to the Civil War.

What does work: a group of compassionate and strong people joining their minds and hearts to better the circumstances of the extremely oppressed.

Steps, not solutions: there are no magical cures to be had. It’s time to move in an entirely different direction. Create a new paradigm, rather than twist in anguish. Every step made moves toward the solution. Standing still imprisons the present with the past.

The steps are:

Love these kids! We need to recognize these kids and care for them as we do our own. You can’t hold parents that are living in these conditions to behave like parents who aren’t. Many of the kids don’t have great role models when their parent(s) are burdened with alcohol and drug problems, abuse, crime, imprisonment, and extreme hopelessness. It’s time we let these kids know they matter, every single one of them. We’ll let them know there are people who are not blood related that care. We have joined them and are here for the long haul.

Love Has No Color has been active for 14 years (and counting) and as much as we have accomplished, we still have miles to go. We’re on a long journey to restoring the hope, health, and dignity of these kids.

We have to teach the kids the values and characters that will propel them into a new way of life. Teach them to remember the past but not dwell on all the negatives. It’s not that it didn’t happen…it did. However, you can’t change the past. We’ll teach them to move forward and create a new future not only for Native Americans but for all minorities.

The kids emerging from these conditions will be stronger than previous generations. They will inspire and lead future generations to create a community where people choose to live and restore it to heaven on earth once again.

Share our mission with your friends and family. Show them ours/your pictures from the Reservation! Get them as excited as you are to be helping the children and families on the Fort Peck Reservation.

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