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Come one, come all!!

Whenever a kid or adult hears about Christmas on the Reservation, there is an enthusiasm that is unmistakable. There is almost a giggle and smile added to their acts of kindness. They want to help in a big way. Something about Christmas unites us all regardless of religion, geography, ethnicity, or age.

There are three brothers in Michigan that pool their babysitting, lawn mowing, and odd job income to put into a Ziploc bag and send it to LHNC. They have also attended multiple Boot Camps in the summer and also helped build the solar powered geodesic growing dome. Did we mention it was 110 degrees??

This year they are going through their schools and social media to help with raising gifts and pledges. Their parents both have experienced many adventures on the Reservation, say that their report cards, behaviors, and attitudes increase this time of year. They love helping the kids on the Reservation. It makes them feel good about helping those who are less fortunate.

They want to instill these lifetime values in their children.

There is a wife and husband Chiropractic team in MA that is busy raising funds and gifts year round for LHNC. From their office has come hundreds of hand quilted items that are made by loving hands. The whole office cares about these kids!

Another Chiropractic office in VA raises funds, toys, and gifts all year round. Their patient base is busy sending from handmade items, toys, gifts, donations, to musical instruments and more to LHNC throughout the year. It seems like her office attracts patients that love helping people.

A Naturopathic clinic in Canada sends hundreds of pairs of boots, they also send toys, donations, sneakers, and gifts AND they bring dozens of patients and volunteers! They hire a “fun bus” to travel to the Reservation in.

A DC in Canada fundraises (a lot!) and gets all of her patients involved. They love the idea of visiting the Reservation, delivering gifts, playing with the kids, and joining the celebration.

A husband and wife Chiropractic team in NH go “special ops” when it comes to Christmas on the Reservation. Hundreds of toys from their office will be heading to the Reservation.

A massage therapist in MA has been a huge supporter of LHNC since its inception. Just in one year she has referred the foundation that sent 600 pounds of school supplies and has had people who have sent hundreds of fashionable coats, hats, and mittens. Her cousin also donates 50-100 coats from his factory.

A Chiropractic office in MI quietly raises lots of toys, funds, and gifts throughout the year and especially at Christmas.

Many Chiropractic offices donate a portion of their patient payment to LHNC year round in the name of their patients. The patient receives a signed certificate then the doctor puts this certificate up on the office wall and this funds LHNC throughout the year.

This is only a partial list of all the dedicated people who fuel LHNC. From kids to adults, we all want the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond to have the best Christmas in 2018!

If you wish to help out with this year’s Christmas on the Reservation, call or email us! (800) 525-3879 /

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