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The countdown begins!

5 days until the end of fundraising and 2 weeks until we start traveling to Fort Peck!

Fundraising for Christmas on the Reservation is beginning to wind down! We only have 5 days until the gifts need to be on the truck and shipping out to the Reservation. We need everyone’s help and to keep fundraising going strong until the very end. If you look on our social media platforms you’ll see innovative ways of getting practice members and your communities involved.

Once you’ve collected all the toys, gifts, clothing, and sporting goods and they’re shipped, if any offices have anything left over please contact TNR! For the first time ever for Christmas on the Reservation we are purchasing food and cleaning items to hand out to the families. We can also use these extra donations to purchase more toys and gifts once we arrive at the Reservation.

It’s also never too late to join us for COTR! We have volunteers from across the US as well as parts of Canada who are flying in. Kenny Smoker says the Chiropractors and volunteers who put on LHNC are the ‘answer to our prayers’. The presence of the these people on the Reservation gives the youth hope for the future and demonstrates there are people who care, off the Reservation!

Let's make this the best COTR yet for these kids! If you have questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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