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Make sure to get your ornaments!

The thousands of gifts, clothing, coats, boots, and sporting items are headed to the Fort Peck Reservation! There is a buzz about the kids during this special time of the year. Not only are they receiving new toys like dolls, radio controlled cars, books, and more they also know people from outside the Reservation are coming to share joy, hugs, and love.

It’s that crazy group Love Has No Color!!

For 14 years and counting, Love Has No Color has been busy restoring hope, health, and dignity back to the kids of the Fort Peck Reservation.

But we can’t do it alone!

Dozens of teachers volunteer their time to wrap, size, and select the perfect gift from Santa. With the number of kids we are able to give gifts to; this process would definitely get a nod of approval from Saint Nick himself.

The kids living on the Reservation also love to share with the LHNC elves their favorite stories, hopes, and dreams.

These stories are also shared with all the donors, contributors, and members of the LHNC extended family via pictures, videos, and blogs. These come from us as well as others who travel out to the Reservation.

The effect of this reaches people all over the world. People in their eighties, who have donated generously, get to see pictures and watch videos of the joy the kids feel receiving their gifts.

Practice members from almost all states get to see their gifts opened by the kids.

We also have received help from multiple countries. LHNC connects all of us, through doing what’s right and sharing.

If you want to bring a little of Christmas on the Reservation back home for the holiday season, buy our 2018 LHNC ornaments.

Due to the intense labor of making these they are limited edition. Once they're gone, they're gone. We always have more demand than supply so order yours today!

Thank you to one and all of our participants, donors, and contributors of 2018 Christmas on the Reservation.

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