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No one deserves to go hungry

This holiday season, donors were especially generous and we were able to purchase a lot of food and household supplies from Main Street Grocery (owned by Darryl Werner). We provided food for 400 families that will receive these non-perishable goodies in the next few weeks!

During the holiday season, emotions get magnified and food takes on increased meaning and importance, especially in the cold temperatures. It’s so easy to lose hope during the holiday season and these groceries will go a long way to help families in need.

One of the enlightening moments for LHNC was a few years back. We were in the refurbished Poplar Movie Theater and the kids were watching a movie and doing indoor archery. When asked if they preferred new toys or food, the overwhelming majority chose food.

LHNC was not aware of this acute food shortage!

Off the Reservation many kids receive 3 full meals a day. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case on the Reservation.

We agreed to step up with a lot more food distribution.

Every time we travel to the Reservation a part of the donations goes towards food. When we deliver gifts around the holidays, for Christmas on the Reservation, we bring food. During our Fun Days in the summer, we supply backpacks for the kids, we have all-you-can-eat lunches, and provide groceries for families in need.

As everyone can guess, we can’t provide food for every family on and off the Reservation.

Like the solar powered greenhouse, it can’t feed the whole Reservation but it’s a great start! More of them will begin to be built. This was a Tribal Council backed partnership with LHNC for us to build the first one.

No kid or adult deserves to go hungry and LHNC is doing something about it.

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