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Give back what you've been given!

Kids on the Fort Peck Reservation are forced into a vortex of learned hopelessness that exists in every molecule of their being. It’s not that these kids can’t succeed; it’s that a majority of society has signed off on them. Society can be separate, distinct, and better than those on the Reservation. Due to the chronic nature and complexity of the problem in the minds of limited thinkers, the issue remains.

Love Has No Color doesn’t agree.

Nobody ever thought the Berlin Wall would come down and yet it did. All the money that was spent to keep the idea alive came crashing down in an instant.

No one, especially kids, deserve to live in 3rd world conditions.

This is a fact we can ALL agree on but who is willing to do something about it?

In our society business pursuits, war, personal needs, celebrities, and etc get more thought then the children right here in our country that needs help. They’re living in squalor and are not only being ignored, they’re invisible.

Learned hopelessness is as generational as the Berlin Wall and it too, will collapse in the very near future.

2019 marks a high water test for LHNC. We are attracting adults, kids, corporations, wealthy donors, schools, religious groups, philanthropic groups, and etc from all walks of life centered on one purpose…to end the reign of terror these kids and kids on other Reservations endure.

Although we have two focused fund and gift raisers per year, as you may have guessed, it’s a 365 day affair.

Think about tithing, donating, and participating with LHNC in 2019.

We have no paid officers, consultants, or individuals. In the age of charities with CEOs earning 7 figures and beyond, LHNC only has volunteers that you can count on.

We are a growing army of people that are poised to tear down the wall of extreme hopelessness on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

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