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Healing the Soul of America

There are three main areas where America’s need to atone (to admit the nature of our wrongs) weighs heavily on our national psyche: our cruel treatment, indeed genocide, of the Native American people.

Much of this writing comes from Marianne Williamson’s award winning book the Healing the Soul of America.

She is one of the most acclaimed authors of our era. Willamson has Oprah’s ear, she throws down the gauntlet and speaks of an inconvenient truth.

For most US citizens this inconvenient truth is kept hidden. It’s not in the mainstream media and these people are banished to isolated and desolate Reservations.

If our country was founded under freedom for all, how does this happen? Our insensitivity to the sufferings of people who are not like us is a national character defect. Greed and profit are a cheap substitute for freedom for all.

If one suffering child, of any color, were to be placed in front of the average American, I believe that American would care and act to assuage the suffering.

Love Has No Color is all about reclaiming the hope, health, and dignity of America’s Forgotten People.

They may be invisible to the average American; they still exist and need our help.

Having 14 years of experience dealing with thousands of volunteers, I have noticed one thing: once people are aware of the terrible suffering, they want to help.

I have seen major transformations in people’s lives with LHNC. They have more compassion and understanding for others. Marriages have been healed and parents love for their kids have been rekindled because they spent too much time focusing on things that don’t matter. These volunteers want to become DCs and serve on the Reservation. At risk teens and young adults have turned their lives around.

It seems like being connected to LHNC, good things happen to you!

Sometimes this help comes in the form of generous donations. For others in LHNC, it comes in the form of participation in the events on the Reservations. Others donate toys, gifts, and clothes all year round. Some are behind the scenes planners and coordinators for LHNC.

For 2019, if you are a part of the LHNC family: add courageous people just like yourself. Add lots of them. People when they see a wrong, want to right it, not talk about it. It is my belief that every person can do something to help these kids.

If you want to help in any way, I need to hear from you ASAP!

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