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Why We Can't Wait

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. is different for many US citizens. Most will admire his lifetime of work, talk about his struggles, and mourn his death they may not understand what goes into helping America heal its deepest wounds.

There are many similarities between African Americans and Native Americans.

When you are attempting to restore a people’s inalienable rights, the very people you are fighting for may not see the need and won’t participate in the solution.

“It’s not so bad, it’s the way it’s always been” or “It’s hopeless”.

In his short yet extremely powerful book, Why We Can’t Wait, MLK was advised by his inner circle that it wasn’t the right season to demand the restoration of civil rights.

They said “maybe sometime in the future, when things are better, but not now. Let’s not rock the boat.”

He had something big to say about that. He said there is no good season or timing, the time is NOW!

With Native American living on Reservations, the time has come for integration with the rest of the US. Whether they choose to live on a Reservation or anywhere else should be their choice.

The voice of wisdom, the original keepers of the earth must be heard. Their voice, their traditions, and their culture are needed more today than any time in history. Our earth is in a decline due to land, air, and water pollution, as well as global warming.

Much like MLK or the Berlin Wall, when people, not governments, decide that enough is enough powerful change is accomplished.

Unless acted upon, the status quo will reign supreme and no change will happen.

The kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond need our help to reclaim their hope, health, and dignity.

Won’t you help?

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