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It's not that people don't care, they just don't know.

Every new donor, participant, fundraiser, and activist in LHNC has a common theme: I had no idea there was a population of kids and adults living in 3rd world conditions right here in the US.

This is the problem; there are a lot of families in need! Just because you are unaware doesn’t mean their needs change.

That’s why it’s so important to be an active part of LHNC.

It’s minus -38 F today in Poplar, MT. That’s not with the wind chill factor!

We have a small army of dedicated people who send clothes, coats, mittens, jackets, blankets, and more all year long.

We sent one of the donors a note that said “not only are your hand knitted items so fashionable, they are also functional.”

Many philosophers and activists have stressed the point that if any of us are oppressed, it affects us all. It’s kind of like a butterfly’s wings flapping in Africa; it can create weather patterns thousands of miles away.

The point being…WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!

This year’s Fun Day celebration promises to be our most ambitious one to date. We are counting on bringing 100 strong volunteers this year! As crazy as it sounds, planning for this event has already begun.

If you know of anybody who can help LHNC, turn them on to the movement!

Let them become a part of something that doesn’t have bureaucratic layers, rules, and regulations.

We admit that it’s a labor of love and its 365 days a year, but it’s worth the effort in restoring the hope, health, and dignity of these kids.

These kids deserve our best.

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