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Why Fort Peck?

We get requests for help from people that live on different Reservations. As much as we would love to help the 326 Reservations for the 567 recognized tribes in the US, we focus our efforts, our manpower, and our resources on Fort Peck for a number of reasons.

What we started over 14 years ago is beginning to take the form of a template for other tribes or Reservations to model.

In the very near future, other Reservations will have the opportunity to adopt this model.

We have many supporters, friends, and advocates on the Reservation who make all the events and ideas happen. Without this boots on the ground dimension, there would be no Love Has No Color.

Having food and people to cook it on the Reservation takes coordination from HPDP, the Tribal Council, law enforcement, and many others. Without this cooperation and coordination, LHNC effects would be dramatically lessened.

It’s all of us joining hands to help the kids.

When everyone receives their Chiropractic adjustment or Naturopathic care, they share with us how LHNC has impacted their lives. These stories connect us at a deep and emotional level and hearing them inspires us to do more for the kids and families.

The prep work, logistics, and manpower put in place prior to us getting there is the difference that makes all the difference.

For example, when building the solar powered greenhouse last year, there were hundreds of hours of work done just to get the site prepared.

The Fort Peck Reservation has welcomed us as family. They trust us and whoever we encounter on the Reservation goes the extra mile for us.

While we were building the greenhouse we were missing a piece of equipment, someone said “I know somebody that has that” and got right on their phone to make it happen.

Kenny Smoker and the HPDP group work tirelessly year round for our group as well as many others.

The music director from one of the local high schools always make sure our band for Love Has No Color has everything we need. She gets us the instruments, PA system, amps, and mics to entertain the families on the Reservation.

Each year there are people from other Reservations that want to experience our Fun Days or Boot Camp. They see a relatively small group of people, ranging in ages from kids to adults, with one thing in mind…to make Fun Days the best day of the kid’s lives!

Our group has been compared to the Navy Seals, we get stuff done!

There are elders who are always making our visitations better by having their voices heard, blessing our group, and interacting with the kids.

There is now a full time Chiropractor who sees to the needs of all the children on the Reservation. She is also the clinic director for the Reservation.

The dates for this year’s Fun Day have been released. August 8-10. Included will be 2 Fun Days at Wolf Point and Poplar. Back packs and food for needy families will be handed out. Our community service event will be announced shortly! If you would like to learn more about LHNC and how you can help, email or call us!

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