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Poplar is going to states!

For the first time since 1985, the boy’s basketball team qualified for the state tournament. They are such a classy bunch and have a bit of underdog magic to them. They’re neither the tallest nor the biggest, but they don’t give up! They play with passion and love engineering incredible comebacks.

There’s a great saying, lose with class and win with class. The boy’s basketball team does just that. They personify great humanitarian traits way beyond their years.

In the first tournament game, which they won in overtime by one point, one of the opposing players went down to one knee and became very emotional. Four kids from the Poplar team went over to console the kid and get him back on his feet.

This is a great moment of sportsmanship.

Like ripples in a pond by a thrown pebble, this gesture will be remembered.

When they are losing in a game, they don’t get down or start pointing fingers at their teammates, they dig in.

Even though LHNC supporters aren’t on the court with the players, we are still with them. Same with their parents, grandparents, and townspeople of Poplar.

One has no way of knowing, but how many of these kids participated in the Kid’s Fun Days over the years?

How many have watched movies, done indoor archery, and had a bite to eat at the refurbished movie theater?

How many played street hockey, joined in on the dunk tank, or had their faces painted?

How many have played on the synthetic outdoor basketball court installed by LHNC a few years back?

How many were at the basketball camp with a pro basketball player and a celebrity that works with pro athletes?

No matter how far they go in this tournament, we are all proud of these kids.

Long after their basketball playing days are over, they will still have their great humanitarian qualities that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

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