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Who will you bring this year!?

This week Dr. Kevin will be traveling to the Reservation to meet with Kenny Smoker, HPDP, and Dr. Megan Cartillar (clinic director for the Fort Peck Reservation) to discuss plans for Boot Camp. This year promises to be our biggest endeavor!

Each year the on the Reservation volunteers make sure that things go as close to perfect as they can. The work and the planning they do is amazing each year.

Each year our scope gets bigger and bigger!

They have built and installed a synthetic basketball court, a skating rink, skateboard parks, and a geodesic solar powered greenhouse to name a few. The list goes on and on!

Our goal is to have backpacks loaded with school supplies for each and every kid or as close as we can come to it.

We have an increased emphasis on high-quality and non-perishable food as well as underwear, tee-shirts, socks, and household products for hundreds of families.

We always ask our on Reservation liaisons how we can serve more people and they always have plenty of ideas!

Most years we have a theme or two for the community service part of Fun Day.

From cleaning parks, painting, drawing buffalos on outdoor basketball courts to doing yard work, and moving elder’s houses into a truck, we do as many jobs as we can to help as many people possible.

We will receive our marching orders in the next week or two and that’s where our planning and fundraising really begins.

Hundreds of people on and off the Reservation are needed to pull this event off each year.

Some participate, some donate, some put us in contact with people who can help in a big way, and some do everything!

We are gearing up for our 15th season helping the kids. Everyone is invited to be a part of it.

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