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Who remembers the Sears catalogue?

Once upon a time before the internet and when there were only 3 TV stations, there was the Sears Catalogue. (If you’re younger, maybe ask your parents or grandparents!!) It came out every fall and had the best ideas for Christmas. It has every toy, game, doll, bike, or whatever you could wish for. You waited all year long for this!

The LHNC community, HPDP, Kenny Smoker, and Dr. Megan Cartillar, all feel the same anticipation and excitement this time of year as we start our planning for Fun Days in August!

Sometimes it’s been called Christmas in the summer!

Who would have ever thought we would be able to build a solar powdered greenhouse dome to grow sustainable, organic, and pesticide free food on the Reservation?

I wonder if that was in the Sears catalogue.

How about the completed movie theater as a safe haven for kids after school and on weekends?

A skating rink/roller hockey rink with dozens of sticks, gloves, and goalposts was also built! As well as a synthetic outdoor basketball court was installed to help with safety.

We are fairly confident there will be backpacks loaded with school supplies for the kids.

We are also equally confident that there will be non-perishable and high quality food, household supplies, and underwear, tee-shirts, and socks.

There has been more music instruments and amplifiers donated in the last few months than in years. If you have a child on the Reservation that wants to play a guitar, banjo, bass guitar, or keyboard chances are you now will have access to these incredible instruments.

Stay tuned as early as our next blog the 2019 Fun Day plans will be announced!

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