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We must be the solution

There is nothing new about what happened since the invasion of European settlers. Inquisition, marauders, and religion driven people have taken away lands, killed, massacred, have plundered resources and riches. They did this all in the name of their king or queen, their god, or just for the greed of it.

The past cannot be changed by anyone. “The Indian Problem”, as it has been described by government officials and bureaucratic leaders, is in the present not in the past.

It’s an enigma that can’t be solved…supposedly.

There have been thousands of people that have written entire novels describing the problems, the atrocities, families being ripped apart, children being sent to Indian Boarding Schools, and the genocide. With all of this writing, only a limited amount of people have understanding about the solution.

Government lawyers and policy members have an unfortunate tendency to repeat rhetoric and failure over and over again.

Laws are supposed to safeguard inalienable rights of all people, not just some.

Continuing to describe the problem cannot create a solution.

Einstein famously said, “Those who created a problem in the first place can’t solve the problem; it must come from a different vantage point, a different way of thinking.”

The mere fact that there has been no resolution for hundreds of years and that the US government broke hundreds of treaties should alert all people and all nations. This is a complex problem that nearly all countries, especially warring ones, have these deep stains in their history.

There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

Love Has No Color doesn’t pretend to have the solution to mankind’s ills. Rather, it does what it can today to help those in need.

The thousand mile journey starts with the first step. The solution is to do all that we can TODAY to help these kids.

We can’t wait for others to solve the problem, we must become the solution.

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