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A small group can change the world

Throughout time, fame, wealth, and glory are the horizons that most people cast their sights on. But when it comes to changing the course of history; it’s always a SMALL, but MIGHTY group that steps up. Love Has No Color is no exception.

The American Revolution was initiated by a very small percentage of the population. Most were content to leave things as they were.

In the time of Martin Luther King Jr, there was only a small percentage of the African American population that wanted this. A lot of people didn’t support or participate. People want to stay in their comfort zone rather than risk change. MLK wrote a book called, Why We Can’t Wait, detailing there is no “good” time or season to claim rights that have been denied for centuries.

The noteworthy fact is the people who participated in these impossible endeavors put themselves and their families in harm’s way, including death and imprisonment. But they did it anyway. Even if they didn’t participate in the change, once the feat was accomplished all men and women benefited from the actions. These people only had the small group to thank for their courage to make things happen.

Third world conditions on Reservations have gone on too long. The time has come to move forward from these inhumane living conditions.

We need your help!

We don’t need a majority of the population, just a small percentage who are willing to do what it takes for a forgotten people.

If you’ve been reading these blogs and are ready to step up please contact us and let us know how you can help.

Whether it’s donations, participation, or introducing us to people in the position to help, every bit matters in helping us bring hope, health, and dignity back to the people of the Fort Peck Reservation!

With your help, we can turn things around for the kids and adults!

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