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Look, listen, and be quiet

Throughout the ages Native Americans have stood for values other than commercialism, industry, fame, and more. The original keepers of the earth, their sacred philosophy is still embraced and followed by all kinds of people who understand: we are all one people.

The strength of Native people is seen everywhere.

In the military, there is a high percentage of Natives that volunteer to serve a country even though this country doesn’t recognize them.

Imagine putting your life on the line for people who don’t believe in you, your culture, or the importance of hearing the wisdom and voice of Native people.

During World War 2 it was Native people, Navaho, who sent encrypted messages to keep communication secret. Even with all the technology during their time it was an ancient language that was beyond all the science of the time.

Still is.

Because of them, many lives were saved.

We still revere Native American leaders of the past but because our society is based in technology, science, and violence we don’t believe these ancient principles can guide us in modern times.

The principles that guide Native Americans are the same ones if recognized and practiced would guide us today as well as a hundred years from now.

Native Americans have so much to offer but you have to look, listen, and be quiet.

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