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The curse of the bass guitarist

Every year the same fate is waiting for us…who is going to play bass guitar in our critically acclaimed house band “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”? Every year we hear, “I have a friend that plays bass guitar but… he’s out of the country those days” or “he can’t get the time off work”.

Oh where, oh where, are the bass players of the world!?

The search continues…

4 years ago Dr. Kevin’s assistant, Siobhan, was scheduled to play bass guitar in the band. She comes from a musical family and plays 6 instruments. She had her music book, was studying the set list, and was ready to go.

She was playing beach volleyball (anyone remember how fast she could swim?) and she hyper-extended her knee. She called Dr. Kevin from the hospital the day before the crew was getting ready to depart to the Reservation and said she wouldn’t be making the trip. (Luckily she was able to come the next year to play drums!)

But that’s the day the curse began!

Since that point, we have had every type of talent on the Reservation; doctors, jugglers, pro athletes, hairdressers, magicians, celebrities, mimes, and circus people, everyone except a bass guitarist!

The curse lives on!

If you know anyone who can play bass and can get to the Reservation this August, let headquarters know.

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