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This is a PSA!!

We interrupt your life for a message that will change your life! Kids on the Fort Peck Reservation (and other Reservations) are living in 3rd world squalor. Many people outside of the Reservation don’t understand this.

We are not the many, rather the few and the strong, who fight for the oppressed!

The kids on the Fort Peck Reservation matter to all of us. The conditions on the Fort Peck Reservation matter to all of us.

The problem won't vanish even if people try to ignore it or are unaware of it.

It takes work, effort, and an open heart to be able to stop your busy life and lend a hand to these kids.

There are so many levels of participation in Love Has No Color from donations, to joining us in August 8-10th at Fun Day (a carnival for kids), from arranging special talent to get to the Reservation such as celebrities, builders, doctors, pro athletes, musicians, etc.

If you have been reading these blogs or surfing our website, we welcome one and all and respectfully suggest, this is the time to get involved!

The conditions these kids must endure will not wait.

Donating money in any denomination allows us to put on the programs, help build the solar-powered greenhouse, buy high-quality, non-perishable food for 300 families, 800 back packs for the kids and all the other year round programs we put on.

Once you become aware of the wretched conditions, you have a responsibility to be part of the solution, not part of the problem thinking someone else is going to fix it.

Get involved today!

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