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And we're off!

In just 2 days, the Love Has No Color group will be on the Fort Peck Reservation! We have two Fun Days planned, one in Wolf Point and one in Poplar. We’ll be handing out groceries for 300 families, backpacks for all kids, caring for inmates in Poplar, AND building a geodesic solar powered greenhouse in Frazer.

There will be 50-55 volunteers there from all over North America and Canada. Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and others from all walks of life having one shared purpose… bring hope, health, and dignity to every kid on the Fort Peck Reservation.

Summer off the Reservation is a time where family time is really at a premium. It seems like every week there is something going on.

Weekends, forget about it!

Each volunteer has committed to the Love Has No Color project and has chosen to help these kids.

It speaks volumes about the people of LHNC.

Kenny Smoker refers to the LHNC as a special ops kind of a group. They get things done.

The amount of planning for an event like this is monumental.

HPDP, the Tribal Council, Main St. Grocery, Whoa Nellie Deli, and lots of individuals and organizations work year round to make this possible.

See you all there!

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