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"You can't take it back, don't be an Indian giver"

If you are old enough reading this, you will remember back in your childhood this was commonplace in your schoolyard during recess. Whether the object in question was a ball, a Frisbee, a hat, gloves, etc, it seemed harmless enough at the time although it’s meaning was understood by all.

It represents the deepest scar in American history.

There is so much misunderstanding with forgotten people. When the dictators, oppressors, or the leaders of genocide write the history according to their beliefs and positionality, it creates fiction and myth.

Over 500 treaties were made between the US and Native Americans and over 500 were altered, ignored, or revised to better suit the needs of the US.

Who is the Indian giver?

You’ll never see this question on Jeopardy, because none of the contestants will be able to answer. We have only studied tid bits of fun facts, factoids, and societal trends of histories, sports, movies, books, etc.

This is unknown and hidden from almost 100% of Americans.

The popular author Marrianne Williamson said in her book, Healing the Soul of America, the three largest travesties in her lifetime were:

- Vietnam War

- Treatment of African Americans

- Treatment of Native Americans

Our laws, rights, and liberties were meant to extend to all segments of our population, not just some.

We can’t undo history, but we can let it guide us in the present by learning from it and not sweeping it under the rug over and over.

Get involved with LHNC and drop the mantra that it’s not your problem, it’s all of our problem.

We are all one people and we are all connected.

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