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A word of gratitude

Love Has No Color is quite an extraordinary community of people dedicated to restoring the hope, health, and dignity to the kids on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond. What many people outside the world of LHNC don’t know is every donor, participant, supporter gets as much as they give!

Of course, we’re proud of all of our 15 years of accomplishments on the Reservation. However, we’re equally proud of the relationships we have made and the love that has been shared with us over this time.

We love seeing the smile on a child’s face that formerly had sadness and grief. We love the look of surprise when the kids receive a backpack and the glee of plating at Boot Camp/Fun Days. We love sharing hugs and getting the tiny high fives. Of course we also love playing with all the dogs and puppies! There’s always an abundance of food, good times, and music.

It gives us so much gratitude to help these kids in need.

To much of our country, and the world at large, these kids are invisible or forgotten.

In our minds and hearts, they are with us each and every day.

They are not forgotten.

Each one of them matters.

Each one of them is recognized.

P.S our photo books from this summer are done! We'll be posting about them soon for purchase. All proceeds go to Love Has No Color fundraising.

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