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Since when does Santa run out of gifts?

Much like those coverage maps of cellular reception zones you see on TV, there seems to be gaps in coverage with Santa’s gifts and toys.

In 2005 a farfetched idea was hatched: could a group of Chiropractors, their practice members, donors, and communities come together to bring Christmas to children living on a Reservation in Montana?

15 years later, we’re happy to say that idea became a reality and is going strong.

Most people outside of the Reservation have no idea the 3rd world conditions many of these kids live in.

Every child benefits from the thousands of gifts we raise each year.

Once you’re an adult, you can’t go back to experience the joy of Christmas as a kid.

The pillars of Love Has No Color are restoring hope, health, and dignity to the children living on the Fort Peck Reservation and beyond.

It’s not only at Christmas that these kids receive love from Love Has No Color. There is our annual Fun Day/Boot Camp in the summer. There is a carnival for the kids with everything from dunk tanks, pony rides, face painting, bocce ball, whiffle ball, fitness stations, live music, to free Chiropractic and Naturopathic care. We have helped to refurbish the movie theater in Poplar, built a hockey rink, a geodesic greenhouse dome, and so much more. We also hand out thousands of backpacks and bring high-quality food to families in need.

We also visit the inmates at the jail in Poplar. While we’re there each inmate gets Chiropractic and Naturopathic care if they chose. We also put on a Johnny Cash-style prison concert for them!

We really don’t mind helping out Santa, after all he has quite a few boys and girls to get to, but forgetting about these kids won’t happen on our watch.

There are so many opportunities to help from toys, gifts, donations, and participation.

Step up and join Christmas on the Reservation this year!

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