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One gift can make all the difference

We all have not been invited to something cool. Maybe it was a birthday party that all of your friends went too. Or a sleepover you really thought you’d get invited too. Even if it happened years ago, when you think about it the feeling of being sad is still there!

Imagine being a kid and you were left off a lot of lists, over and over again and had no control over it.

The list of first world country conditions like access to educations, health, plentiful jobs, and housing.

The list of material success and making something of yourself, the American dream.

The list of owning your own home.

The list of bettering your children’s lives.

The list of the normal life expectancy for the state you live in.

The list of a brighter future than merely existing, surviving, and enduring third world conditions.

These are just some of the lists these kids have been left off of.

There are no kids in the US facing such appalling and disturbing obstacles to living the American dream.

When these kids receive their gifts during Christmas on the Res, it instills hope, a sense of welcome, and recognition.

It’s a type of ritual, an initiation if you will or a rite of passage that no matter what they face, they are not alone.

Although we don’t live on the Reservation, we are seen as family.

We are all one people. LHNC has the ability to help these kids and beyond.

LHNC is all about taking action to produce results, not accepting excuses to what can’t be done.

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