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How did you learn about LHNC?

Each year we have more people, donors, and participants that are connected to these kids. People love to learn about real movements of change, where you can see where your dollars, efforts, or gifts go. It’s so much fun to learn about how people found out about Love Has No Color. A Chiropractor from St. Louis has a practice member who knew about us and while on vacation they spread the word. Now we receive toys, gifts, and donations from a small town in Ireland.

That’s how easy and random it can happen!

The connections, the relationships and the community formed through Love Has No Color are second to none. You really feel a part of something bigger than your personal world.

It isn’t just contained to Christmas on the Reservation; our Fun Day Carnival in the summer gets its share of guests from celebrities, sports figures, builders, and etc.

Emails were sent to 5 Aikido dojos in MT and from those emails, we have had a grandmaster on the Reservation teaching the kids this martial art. How cool is that?

When we visit the Reservation in December to hand out the gifts, it takes hundreds of volunteers including teachers, aides, parents, administrators, Dr. Megan Cartillar, and HPDP to make this happen.

As wonderful as the gifts the kids receive, the sharing them with people from LHNC, is the icing on the cake.

There’s where these lifetime connections are made. Hope is instilled into each and every child. They are recognized, celebrated, and loved.

There is not a sterile, faceless, profit over people corporation. It’s made up of people that care and want to make a huge difference.

Year after year since 2005 we return to the Fort Peck Reservation to restore hope, health, and dignity to these kids.

This year shapes up as our finest year and the most kids reached!

We only have a few weeks left of fundraising! Make sure to keep sharing the word about Love Has No Color.

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