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2,500 students, that's a tall order!

We always have a tall order for Santa’s Helpers of Love Has No Color. Separating the toys and gifts into grade level and gender can be a logistical nightmare. Yet somehow, it gets done year after year.

If you could look into the offices of LHNC DCs, NDs, businesses, etc you would see a growing mountain of toys, gifts, and articles of clothing for the Reservation.

How does this small number of offices do so much?

It’s that time of the season. It’s go time!

The generosity of people who know about Love Has No Color seems almost limitless.

It seems like there are so many people who are all in when it comes to the kids on the Reservation. They are just not going to let them down.

“Here are 30 beautiful high-end coats donated by a clothing manufacturer!”

“Here’s this year’s darling for grade three kids” (shhh, it’s a secret!)

“Here’s 40 pairs of varied size winter boots for kids with fur trim!”

There are remote-controlled cars, dolls, blankets, puzzles, and more that make a doctor’s office look like a Toys R Us.

Then there are the volunteer teachers and parents on the Reservation and the help of the HPDP workers and Dr. Megan Cartillar who tirelessly sort and personalize each gift.

We also are informed if there are any families in need. A few years back, a family lost their house to a fire. There were all kinds of gifts for the kids as well as household supplies, soaps, underwear, etc for the adults.

There is an orphanage in Frazer that receives a ton of gifts for all the kids.

We have an electronic newsletter and a website that keeps participants and members connected all year long.

There is only one Christmas per year; let's make it our best effort!

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